Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Perspectives number 2

Here are six more perspectives of the site
Top Left
This is a view looking at one of the larger buildings on the site that would have 4 apartments in each building.  this shows balcony access to the second floor apartments by a staircase located in between the buildings.  each building has balconies that encase the building.  This provides plenty of seating out side for the residents to enjoy the afternoon/evening sun.
Top Middle
This is a view from the corner of Whitfield and Scales Street of the mixed use building.  The building could have a sandwhich shop or a restautant and provide seating outdoors for the patrons to eat outside.
Top Right. 
This is a birds eye view of the northern portion of the site with the the private community space.  The Parking structure which is located in the bottom of the image has plant material growing on it and potentially have solar panels that would supply power to lights that would be in the parking structure. 

Bottom Left
This is another view looking into the playground splash fountain area.  This view has the solar tree located adjacent to the playground and splash fountain to provide light in the evening and create interest in the area. 
Bottom Middle
View looking at the entrance to the community center, showcasing the balcoiny on the second floor. 
Bottom Right
A view looking from Whitfield street at the devlopment and what one of the houses might look like driving by.  You can see the street trees that would provide a calming and speed control effect on drivers. 

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