Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Functional Diagrams and Matrix

 Below are my three functional plans.  I have them in order of 1 (just below and to the left), 2 (just below and to the right), and 3 (is in the second row). 
As you can see from the three plans that i was playing with different entrance points and road layouts and those are symbolized by the black dashed lines.   I was also looking at different locations for the community center and how they would work out the the corner view from Whitfield and Scales Streets. 
Below in the second row on the right is a matrix and i will describe how i came to the conclusion on which functional plan i used below. 

This matrix may not look like it compares much except that i like drawing stars, triangles and circles.  It actually compares the program elements that i thought were the most important.  It may look like that there are not much differences but i by looking at the functionals, i started to like one more than the others. 
I ended up choosing functional plan #3 because of the road layout, but with one minor change.  i would remove the road that leaves the site to the west.  I was not set on this entrance because across the street is another road entering Whitfield, and i did not want to have to add a stop sign here. 

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