Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Illustrative Details

For the Whitfield Design we were asked to draw some illustrative details for some of the elements that were added for the design. 
On the top left is an illustration of a green roof section.  These green roofs will be located on all of the houses and buildings on the site.  The structure will need a little bit more support than a traditional roof.  The illustration shows that there will be plant medium, drainage material, and roof barrier medium to protect the structure from leaks. 

On the bottom of the page is a parking structure that i designed to be place over the parking stalls.  The structure will be 10 feet tall on the left side and rise to 13 feet tall on the right side.  With this angle it will encourage vines to grow on the latice work place on top.  Also with this angle solar panels can be attached to the upper side.  The solar panels could be used to power lights that would be on the underside of the parking structure or shining out into the sidewalk on the left side. 

On the top right, there is an image of the solar tree that i found for the playground area.  This solar tree looks similar to an actual tree and the leaves mimic how leaves actually operate.  The leaf looking structures in the drawing include solar panels on the top with led lights on the underside of them.  The solar tree is completely off the grid, which means that no single person would be responsible for the electric bill. 

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