Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Perspectives 1

Below are pespectives for 6 areas on the site.  I am going to start with the top row. 
Top Left is an image of the community gardens, the closest part of the image has raised planters- i chose to use raised planters because i am a person that has back problems and i do not like to have to been all the way to th eground to pick vegetables, with the raised planters my self or even the older generation could sit on the edge and reach in to pick their peppers or carrots instead of having to bend over or even sit on the ground to pick them.  i have also included an area righ behind the raised planters for gardens that are placed on the ground that could be tilled up for bigger gardens. 
Top Middle-
Is view looking at the corner building, which is mixed use and could have a restaurant like Mugshots, where they have the balcony for people to eat on or even like Bin 612 where they have the patio for outside eating
Top Right
Is a view looking at the arbors and seating arear located between the community gardens and the playground area.  These are round seating structures that could have public art display in the center of the circle to draw attention to this area. 

Second Row
Bottom Left
Is a view looking to the south in the private community area, looking at the sunken turf stormwater retention area located next to a seating area.  The seating area is providing two things: 1 is that is provides seating and 2 is that is breaks up the space from the parking lot to the well water feature creating its own space.
Bottom Middle
This is a view of the splash fountain and the playground area.  The splash fountain would utilize capturing stormwater runoff and filtering and reusing it for the kids to play in.  The playground is all recycled material, and the reason for this in the design, is so that while the parents are over in the community gardens the children can be outside with them playing on the playground. 
Bottom Right
This is a view of the well water feature.  It has seats with a planted wall behind the seats to create some contrast and create conversation

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