Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Master Plan

Oh the master plan, it was fun completing and seeing how things worked out.  If you were to click on the image, you can see the labeling a little more clearly. 
From the preliminary plan to the master plan i realized that having the turn around lane, which was going to be one way with a playground and a communtiy garden in the middle of it, needed to change.  I was asked why i was designing a playground where children would have to cross a road to get to it.  It was a great point and i was able to adjust some of the buildings around to make up for the parking i was going to have to change.  I moved half of the parking spots up on to the other side of two of the buildings which made the existing parking area bigger and function bettter.  The other parking section i moved out to Scales Street and created 60 degree parking coming from the east. 
The plan turned out great i think and i am very happy with the project.

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