Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whitfield Design Inventory

There are two buildings on site, one is a kwanset hut that use to be a meat market.  it could be salvaged to be reused as a sandwhich place or the building could be opened up as a pavilion.  The other building is an abandoned house that i see as not being able to be reused, so it is a no brainer for me to tear it down. 

The vegetation that is on the site is located on the image to the left.  I think that the vegetation along the eastern edge of the site which is the left of the image.  Having some existing vegetation on the site will help the devlopment look like it has been there for a long time instead of having all of the same height trees planted. 

The site has a few utilities that need to be kept in mind.  one is the Overhead powerlines on the north end of the site.  The existing well could be reused as a water feature or even a water storage area for stormwater.  The rest of the information on this sheet is a few more trees that were not located on the sheet above.  There are a few storm drains located along whitfield street that need to be kept in mind for road layout. 

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