Friday, November 26, 2010

Floating House
15-20 Minutes

This is a house that is designed to float in case of a flood. The house  is also being built in the Lower Ninth Ward in Brad Pitt's development Make It Right.  I dont know about anyone else but i kinda what to see this house float, maybe not wish for a flood but maybe a mock flood.  The house weighs 33.5 tons and is placed on a polystyrene foundation that is covered in 2 inches of spray on concrete.  One may ask that if it is designed to float in a flood then where is it going to end up.  The house is built on a chassie that is brought in on a semi trailer and is placed on two steel poles that are placed vertically into the ground.  The house has an opening for the two poles and if it was to flood then the house would rise with the water and just move up and down the poles.  when the water falls the house would fall back into the same place that it was built in.  You may ask about all of the utilty connections for the house would break or keep the house attached to the ground but actually they thought about that too.  They have included extra lines for everything that will reach the house as high as the poles would let it go.  I would love to see this in water, is that bad.   

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